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Thank you!

Big thanks to all of those who came out to Ocean Night! If you missed it, Bird Ally X, working in conjunction with Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, did a great presentation on the summer’s oiled pelican crisis. Read all about it, starting here.

We also announced the great news that Gov. Brown signed AB 376, the bill making it illegal to sell, trade or possess shark fins! Full story here.

Do you have suggestions for the next surf movie? Let us know in the comments!

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Meeting Minutes / October 3, 2011


Jen Savage, President

Scott Willits, Treasurer

Debbie Topping, Secretary

M.J. Mazurek

Wes Smith

Meeting convened at Humbrews at 6:00.  The resignation of Bill Hoopes as Treasurer was made official and Scott Willits was welcomed as the new Treasurer.

We again discussed low turnout at meetings and other events.  With the resignation of our Volunteer Coordinator, M.J. has agreed to take on the job.  We discussed asking all members what their interests are and recognizing that some members have narrow interests and may only participate at that level.  Some may be willing to join only to contribute the funds to the cause but not participate in any other way.  The membership will be contacted to determine their levels of interest.

Meetings were also discussed in relation to poor attendance as well as the confusion of every-other-month meetings (“is this the month we meet?”)  with meeting time changes that come with summer and surfing daylight availability.  Member Wes Smith suggested that meetings be held in conjunction with Ocean Night.  Since much of the membership comes for the movies, we could meet before the film starts.  Anything involving lengthy discussion can be continued at an alternate location or at a later time.  The motion was made to have the next meeting at November Ocean night.

M/S/A                  Willits/Mazurek/Unanimous

M.J. reported on Raptoberfest participation at the recent Noll Longboard Classic in Crescent City.  The “One Foot at a Time” templates were printed up and participants collected trash on the beach then created mosaics using the templates.  The mosaics were photographed and the photos would be posted on the website.

RAP (Rise Against Plastics) efforts were continuing to ban single-use plastic bags in the County.  Tabling efforts will focus on collecting signatures in support of a ban.  Retailer support will be sought to eliminate the offering of bags in more local stores.  Mention was made of a recent article in the San Francisco Examiner regarding HSU engineering students and a study reporting that 3-5 million bags are used in Arcata each year.  Although the number seemed inflated, the math implied those numbers were actually less than the 500 bags per year represented by The Bag Monster. 

Future plans were for Jen to work with local drinking establishment to eliminate, or at least reduce, the number of plastic straws used by offering them only at customer requests.  Also, the collection/reduction of cigarette butts is being addressed further.

The concept of speaking at a future Chamber (of Commerce) Mixer to address local businesses on the topic of single-use plastic reduction would be considered as time is appropriated at these events for speakers.  Also, “atta boy” (or “atta brah”) cards will be considered to encourage merchants who help to reduce the use of disposables in the course of their business.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 with plans for the November  meeting to coincide with Ocean Night at Arcata Theater Lounge during the first week of the month (day to be determined).

October 6, 2011

Govenor signs 2 recycling bills

Governor Jerry Brown today signed legislation establishing the most ambitious recycling goal in the nation for California, at the same time enacting incentives aimed at increasing recycled material processing and manufacturing in-state. Together, this strategy is aimed at creating more than 60,000 green jobs in the state over the next 8 years.

Assembly Bill 341 by Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro  (D – North Coast) sets a 75 percent recycling goal for California by 2020—the most ambitious in the nation. Additionally, the measure requires every commercial business, institution and apartment building to implement recycling programs.

Assembly Bill 1149 by Assembly Member Rich Gordon
(D – Menlo Park) will provide market-based incentives of $10-$20 million annually to processors and manufacturers of recycled plastic.

Congratulations to Wes Chesbro, Rich Gordon and to everyone that worked hard to see this legislation passed.


October 5, 2011 | 1 Comment

3 to 5 million plastic bags used annually by Arcata residents

A study conducted by HSU’s Lonny Grafman and his students in Engineering 308 found that the community of Arcata uses between 3 to 5 million plastic bags every year!  Shocking for a community that is touted as environmentally friendly.  The San Francisco Examiner covered this story (http://www.examiner.com/recycling-in-san-francisco/hsu-students-study-plastic-bag-use-arcata ) and more details can be found at: http://www.appropedia.org/Arcata_plastic_bags.

If you would like to see this statistic drastically reduced, please join our mission to Ban the Bag by supporting Surfrider in the effort to ban single use plastic bags throughout Humboldt County.  Contact mjhumboldtsurfrider@yahoo.com for more information.

October 4, 2011

Meeting = BEER!

Now that I have your attention, meeting this Tuesday (that’s tomorrow night, October 4th)….be there!  We’ll be doing a debrief on all the summer happenings like Surf4Peace, Coastal Cleanup, RAP (Rise Against Plastics) happenings, Ocean nights and the RAPtoberfest that coincided with the last-ever Noll Longboard event.

We’ve had some officer changes and we have more events coming up if you want to pitch in.  In other words, lots to mull over with a pitcher in front of us.  Meet us at Humbrews at 6:00.

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Saturday, Oct. 8: Ocean Night featuring Globe’s Year 0000 and more…

Fundraiser to help Humboldt Wildlife Center’s oiled pelican crisis!

Saturday, October 8
Doors 6:30
All ages
$3 donation
Free for OC, Surfrider and Baykeeper members & children 10 and under.
Every month: Ocean Night! From majestic documentaries to epic surf flicks, explore the great blue sea with Ocean ConservancyHumboldt Surfrider and Humboldt Baykeeper.

Water On The Table, an intimate portrait of international water activist Maude Barlow and the debate over whether water is a commercial good or a human right, 56-minutes. WATER ON THE TABLE features Maude Barlow, who is considered an “international water-warrior” for her crusade to have water declared a human right. “Water must be declared a public trust and a human right that belongs to the people, the ecosystem and the future, and preserved for all time and practice in law. Clean water must be delivered as a public service, not a profitable commodity.” The film intimately captures the public face of Maude Barlow as well as the unscripted woman behind the scenes. The camera shadows her life on the road in Canada — including an eye-opening visit to Alberta’s tar sands — and the United States over the course of a year as she serves as the UN Senior Advisor on Water to Fr. Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, President of the 63rd Session of the United Nations. More than a portrait of an activist, WATER ON THE TABLE presents several dramatic opposing arguments. Barlow’s critics are policy and economic experts who argue water is no different than any other resource, and that the best way to protect freshwater is to privatize it. It is proposed that Canada bulk-export its water to the United States in the face of an imminent water crisis.

Journey of the Blob, an illustration of the water cycle in a cautionary tale about pollution, 10 minutes. This classic, wordless film from the “Look Again” series tells a story that appeals to all ages, and is used widely in environmental education courses around the country. A boy makes a decision about how to dispose of a green glob he has concocted. What will happen if he dumps it into a stream? Where does water come from and where does it go? This film illustrates the water cycle and raises many questions about environmental responsibility and the consequences of our decisions. “Who says the video medium has no place in literacy? In an era rife with the claims of the supremacy of print, these fine videos (the Look Again series) not only make kids look again, but they also make them think and learn.” – Booklist

Year 0000, pronounced ‘Year Zero’, is a modern take on high performance surfing set in a post-apocalyptic world, reminiscent of Mad Max or an HG Wells novel. It tells a story of a band of renegade surfers, including Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, CJ Hobgood and Damien Hobgood, on a road trip through the apocalypse in search of waves, women, and good times. The film’s original soundtrack by BLACK MOUNTAIN, whom VICE MAGAZINE has called, “One of the best rock n’ roll bands of our time,” creates a sonic landscape that fully delivers the immersive experience that director Joe G envisioned for the film. The film was shot on location around the world entirely in super 16mm film and offers a unique concept with stunning visuals that capture the essence of surfing in a novel setting. YEAR ZERO follows GLOBE’S previous award winning productions such as SECRET MACHINE and NEW EMISSIONS OF LIGHT AND SOUND and is undoubtedly GLOBE’S largest film project to date.