January 7, 2015

Ocean Night: Last Rush for the Wild West

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/104267917]

What does tar sand and oil shale mining have to do with the ocean? Think climate change. Think fracking. And then come out to see Last Rush for the Wild West: Tar Sands, Oil Shale and the American Frontier, a new film exposing how impending tar sands and oil shale mining would destroy massive, pristine landscapes in Utah and put the already imperiled Colorado River watershed at risk. It would further jeopardize drinking water quality and quantity for 36 million people downstream and increase air pollution in Salt Lake City, where air quality is already the worst in the Nation.

The health risks are staggering.

And not worth it – despite claims that tar sands and oil shale mining would create better economic conditions and lead our nation toward energy independence. American taxpayers are already subsidizing the foreign corporation pursuing the project, with millions of dollars in public funds being spent to construct the road to access the site.

Last Rush for the Wild West highlights a resolute contingent of local Utah citizens and indigenous leaders from tar sands-impacted communities in Canada, as they encourage American taxpayers and voters to stand up with them and reject this impending disaster. Last Rush for the Wild West presents Americans with a rare opportunity to activate for a critical environmental cause before it’s too late.