January 26, 2016

California Coast is Under Attack!

Protect the California Coast From Special Interests!

Here’s the scoop, plain and simple without all the jargon –
1. You love our California coast: beauty, economy, a place to play.
2. Under the Coastal Act, the California Coastal Commission’s two jobs are to stop bad building ideas from ruining our coast and to make sure nobody interferes with our right to go to the beach.
3. Some people would prefer the coast to belong to only a select few instead of all people. (Greed!)
4. Those people are trying to undo the Coastal Commission by firing the Executive Director, Charles Lester, who works hard to protect our coast and make sure the Commission is doing the best job possible.
5. If this select few wins, we lose our coast.
6. You can help Save Our Coast by doing these things:
  • Action Alert! – Sign the Petition
  • Call the Governor’s office and tell him to support the Coastal Act by keeping Dr. Lester as Executive Director
  • Email the Commission at StatusOfExecutiveDirector@coastal.ca.gov and tell them the same thing
  • Show up at the Coastal Commission meeting in Morro Bay on Wednesday, Feb. 10 and say this to the Commission in person! (There may be a bus traveling to this, stay tuned for more info for how to hop on)
For more information, background, further action, etc., go here.

From Surfrider HQ:
California’s coastal protection legacy is under attack.  We need your help! A behind-the-scenes effort to terminate Dr. Charles Lester, the California Coastal Commission’s Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission has just come to light. All Californians need to join together, stand up for the coast, and defend the Coastal Commission leadership and independent staff.

The attack on Executive Director Lester is an attack on the Coastal Act. This attempted coup d’états is a power grab designed to undermine the integrity of the Coastal Program and put California’s long legacy of coastal protection at risk.

Join us in asking Governor Brown to stand up for the Coastal Act and support Executive Director Lester.

Our coast is at stake-help us uphold the integrity of the Coastal Act and maintain world-class protection of coastal access and coastal resources-now and in the future.  For more information and to stay up to date, visit ActCoastal.


January 23, 2016

Ocean Night – Chasing Ice and Cradle of Storms

Thursday February 4th
Arcata Theater Lounge
Doors 6:30pm Films 7pm
$3 Suggested Donation
All Ages

Get ready to be blown out of the freezing water with two outstanding films this month!

Chasing Ice

EMMY AWARD WINNER – 2014 Outstanding Nature Programming
The story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet. Within months of that first trip to Iceland, the photographer conceived the boldest expedition of his life: The Extreme Ice Survey. With a band of young adventurers in tow, Balog began deploying revolutionary time-lapse cameras across the brutal Arctic to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers.
Cradle of Storms:
The documentary film follows Alex Gray, Josh Mulcoy, and Pete Devries through the Aleutian Arc of Alaska, highlighted by the discovery of one of the best cold-water slabs in the world. Follow the crew as they traverse the island on quads, tracking pulses of swell to remote bays and never before surfed pointbreaks. Set against stunning volcanic backdrops and sweeping arctic landscapes, it is surf exploration at its finest.

January 19, 2016

Meeting Update

In case you missed the last meeting, here are the meeting minutes. We have a lot of volunteer opportunities and events coming up! Contact us for how to help out if you see something that interests you.
Surfrider Meeting 1.11.2016 [9 members present]
Membership drive a success: 30 new members!
Dock Blocks washed ashore:
-Humboldt Bar Harbor & R-ecreation District typically removes
-Note future discoveries
-Surfrider may consider partially funding removal, if necessary
Camp & clean at Patricks Point
-Saturday in April, during a low tide
-February clean-up: February 27th ; Samoa Boat Ramp; 9-10am
Sea Bin: find more information
Ocean Friendly Gardens
-Think about potential places (Surf shop?)
-Existing Low Impact Development gardens that could use OFG signs?
Water Quality Summit, October 1st, Wharfinger building potentially
Hire media intern?
Pints for Nonprofits: Dead Reckoning?
Soul surfer night at Humbrews: April?
Fun Shindig event this Spring? : TBD

January 2, 2016

First Ocean Night of 2016! Thursday January 7th


By popular request, the surf flick this month is none other than John John Florence’s View From a Blue Moon.
See the sport of surfing as it’s never been captured before. Shot entirely in 4K, the film follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. His one goal — to redefine what is possible in the ocean.

Stewards of the Wild Sea and presentation from guest Hawk Rosales, Executive Director at InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council
The film features the north coast region of California which joined the full network of marine protected areas (MPAs) that went into effect on December 19th 2012 as part of the Marine Life Protection (MLPA) Initiative. Stewards of the Wild Sea shares lessons learned and what went right for indigenous people, specifically for north coast tribes and ocean wilderness. Stewards of the Wild Sea highlights the pivotal role that north coast tribes played in protecting their ancestral fishing and gathering rights while participating in a unique Tribal – State partnership that brought about a dual victory for both the marine environment and tribal nations.

Arcata Theater Lounge

Doors 6:30 Films 7:00pm

All ages

$3 Suggested Donation