August 25, 2017

September Ocean Night – September Sessions and Smog of The Sea

Join us for Ocean Night, September edition! 

Doors 6:30pm Films 7pm
All Ages
$3 Suggested Donation

September Sessions: By September of 1999, Slater was eager to escape and find perfect waves where he could push his surfing to new levels without the restrictions of competition. So he took off to Sumatra, Indonesia, along with some friends, to fulfill that long awaited dream. Knowing full well something extraordinary could happen on a mission of this sort, Kelly asked Jack to come along, and Johnson brought the same 25-year old camera he’d used during the filming of Thicker Than Water, which had just been released. New levels of strength of purity were reached as Slater and friends pushed their surfing to limits that have yet to be matched.

The Smog of the Sea chronicles a 1-week journey through the remote waters of the Sargasso Sea. Marine scientist Marcus Eriksen invited onboard an unusual crew to help him study the sea: renowned surfers Keith & Dan Malloy, musician Jack Johnson, spearfisher woman Kimi Werner, and bodysurfer Mark Cunningham become citizen scientists on a mission to assess the fate of plastics in the world’s oceans.

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