Join concerned citizens tomorrow, Wednesday, October 27th at the Eureka Courthouse from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. to protest the Northwest Training Range Complex (NWTRC).

U.S. Navy Experimental Warfare Testing Programs were initiated in 2008, and will continue in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico over the next five years.

The NWTRC proposal will extend the range down the Northern California coastline into Mendocino County. The U.S. Navy will be using live ordinance, long range sonar and has permission to incidentally kill marine life. It will affect all of us living on the coast as well as endangered species that live in our coastal region.For more information, check out Agriculture Defense Coalition. You can also read the Navy’s Northwest Training Complex Environmental Impact Statement.

The deadline to act is October 31st!. Contact your representatives to request public comment with National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Tell them we want a 60-day extension on public comment and a U.S. Congressional Hearing on the matter.

Call the Whitehouse at 202-456-1111, fax your letter to 202-456-2461, or email the President.

Congressman Mike Thompson can be reached at 202-225-3311 or fax your letter to 707-269-9598.