From our friends at Chico Bags:

August 12th is closer than we think and we still need volunteers to help us pull off the largest Bag Monster event in history and draw state-wide attention to AB 1998.  Will you help us by reaching out to your members and letting them know about this amazing opportunity to let the state know our support to ban plastic bags in California!?

Ghirardelli Square is graciously providing a space for us to get dressed, gather and march in 100 full Bag Monster costumes! We’ve got the costumes, now we need the volunteers!

How you can help?
Rally up all your friends, community and family to join us on August 12, 2010. Contact Becca Schwalm at with your full name, email and phone number with your confirmation of attendance. Then spread the word!

Announce this opportunity on facebook and MySpace: Come show your support of banning plastic bags in California by dressing up as a Bag Monster on August 12 @ Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco!

Announce this opportunity on Twitter: We need Bag Monster Volunteers in SF! Wear a costume decked with 500 plastic bags to show support of a bag ban in CA!

Email this opportunity to your members: Use the attached .pdf and/or link above to alert your members of the “Don’t feed the Bag Monster” rally @ Ghirardelli Square!

If you are interested in participating, we are encouraging groups to make signs with personalized statements like “Surfrider supports AB 1998!” We anticipate this event will receive attention from the press and we want our message to be loud and clear!

Volunteers that are interested in participating in this event may contact me directly with their name, email and phone number. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly. We will provide all volunteers with a costume, reusable bag, water and snacks!

Becca Schwalm

Social Networking Coordinator
ChicoBag Company
349 Huss Drive, Chico, CA 95928
(530) 342-4426 x 224