October 5, 2017

October Ocean Night – Thicker Than Water and Straws

Join us for October Ocean Night!

This month we will be featuring; Thicker Than Water, and Straws, as well as celebrating a successful Coastal Cleanup Day!

Thicker Than Water is a collection of images and memories that started with the first time we stood on the deck of a surfboard and ends with an eighteen- month journey through the North Atlantic, South Pacific and the Bay of Bengal.
Starring: Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Brad Gerlach, Shane Dorian, The Malloy Brothers, and others.

Straws: It’s estimated that each day in the U.S., over 500,000,000 straws are used once and tossed. Ocean Conservancy ranks plastic straws as the number five most popular found item on beaches and the vast majority of them aren’t recycled, so they wind up in landfills, litter streets and add to the estimated 8.5 metric tons of plastic debris in oceans annually.

July 17, 2015

Ocean Night: ‘Pelican Dreams,’ Thursday, Aug. 6

In this intimate portrait of an iconic seabird species, filmmaker Judy Irving (The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill) follows “Gigi” – a very young (4 months old!) female Brown Pelican who landed on the Golden Gate Bridge one afternoon in August 2008.

2. funny hairdos

Brought to International Bird Rescue in Fairfield, California the story is helped along by “Gigi’s” primary caregiver (BAX/Humboldt Wildlife Care Center’s co-director, Monte Merrick), as well as wife and partner and fellow co-director, Laura Corsiglia and uses footage shot in Crescent City harbor by Arcata’s own Ishan Vernallis.

The film is about wildness: How close can we get to a wild animal without taming or harming it? Why do we need wildness in our lives, and how can we protect it?

Rated G, 80 min.

Ocean Night is sponsored by the Northcoast Environmental Center, Humboldt Baykeeper and Humboldt Surfrider.

July 6, 2015

Ocean Night – What the Sea Gives Me (and more)

Hey, is that Humboldt artist MATT BEARD on the big, big screen? Why, yes, it is!

This week, Humboldt Surfrider is pleased to present, along with Humboldt Baykeeper and the Northcoast Environmental Center, an encore performance of What The Sea Gives Me, a feature length documentary comprised of intimate and candid interviews with some of the ocean’s most extraordinary ambassadors – including Humboldt’s own accomplished artist, Matt Beard.

The filmmakers provide an intimate look through the eyes of those who thrive under the most extreme water conditions, those ensuring the proper care of the oceans for future generations and those who simply derive a sense of pure joy from the sea.

Also featuring: Andre Barbieri, Chris Burkard, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Dave Homcy, Don King, Nicole Levinson, Ryan Levinson, Dave Marciano, Brett McBride, Dr. Walter Munk and Angela Oschmann.

Arcata Theater Lounge
Thursday, July 9
6:30 p.m.
All ages!
$3 donation

June 8, 2015

Membership Drive – “Surf’s Up”

Want to make a difference protecting our ocean waves and beaches? Now is the perfect opportunity to join Surfrider Foundation!

Humboldt Surfrider Chapter is hosting a membership drive June 13th – 21st. We will be at a different surf shop various days that week (see schedule below). Come by to learn about what we do, become a member, renew your membership, and just say hey!

We will be wrapping up the week with a special edition Ocean Night on Sunday, June 21st, Father’s Day, featuring the animated classic “Surf’s Up,” the new Patagonia film “The Fisherman’s Son” and a raffle!

Saturday June 13th: The Neighborhood 11am – 5pm (also Open Studios)
Tuesday June 16th: Salty’s 1pm – 3pm
Wednesday June 17th: Flying Fish 1pm – 3pm
Saturday June 20th: The Shop 11am – 5pm
Sunday June 21st: Ocean Night @ ATL 6:30 pm

Special thanks to the surf shops for letting us host this event!

April 22, 2015

Ocean Night: ‘Sand Wars’ plus ‘North of the Sun’

In making North of the Sun, Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) spent nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean.

There, they built a cabin out of driftwood and other cast-off materials that washed up on shore, and ate expired food the stores would otherwise have thrown away. But the boys brought with them two items of utmost importance: Their surfboards… Because the remote bay holds a well kept secret: Some of the world’s finest waves.

Sand Wars is a surprising investigation into one of the most consumed natural resources on the planet. Three-quarters of the world’s beaches are in decline and disappearing due to erosion and sand smuggling.

Yes, smuggling bands – or “sand mafias” – plunder beaches and rivers for this highly prized commodity. It is an elementary particle that is the foundation of our modern development. Sand is seen as a free material, a staple of holidays spent on the shore, in unlimited supply. But is this omnipresent material inexhaustible? Can the available quantity match an ever-increasing demand that is constantly fed by the need for human lodging and expansion? What will be the consequences of sand extraction on the environment and life on the planet?  Witness this new gold rush firsthand.

Arcata Theatre Lounge
Thursday, May 7
doors 6:30pm movies 7pm
all ages

July 27, 2014

Ocean Night, Thursday, Aug. 7: What the Sea Gives Me (feat Matt Beard) and Angel Azul

Join the Northcoast Environmental Center, Surfrider Humboldt and Humboldt Baykeeper for Ocean Night, Thursday, Aug. 7. This month, two amazing films!

Doors at 6:30 p.m., films at 7 p.m.

$3 donation, raffle!

April 28, 2014

Ocean Night: DamNation! and more

DamNation – Trailer from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Join us for a special Ocean Night featuring DamNation and a selection of short films at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, Thursday, May 1 at 6:30 p.m.

More details here.

April 1, 2013

Ocean Night: ‘Trashed’ and ‘Polyester’ this Thursday at ATL

Ocean Conservancy, Humboldt Surfrider and Humboldt Baykeeper present Ocean Night, featuring Trashed and Polyester on Thursday, April 4, at the Arcata Theatre Lounge, 1036 G St., Arcata.

Doors opens at 6:30 p.m., movies start at 7 p.m., cost is $3 donation, free for Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider and Baykeeper members.

If you think waste is someone else’s problem, think again. Humboldt Waste Management Authority and Zero-Waste Humboldt co-sponsor this week’s screening.


Trashed is a 2012 documentary produced and directed by British filmmaker Candida Brady selected to receive a special screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Narrator Jeremy Irons stands on a beach beside the ancient Lebanese city of Sidon. Above him towers a mountain of rubbish-a pullulating eyesore of medical waste, household trash, toxic fluids and dead animals-the result of thirty years of consumption by just one small city out of how many in the world? As the day’s new consignments are tipped on top, debris tumbles off the side and into the blue of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by a vast reach of plastic bottles, a forlorn Jeremy Irons stares at the horizon. “Appalling,” he mutters. Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem, as he travels around the world to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution. This is a meticulous, brave investigative journey that takes Irons (and us) from scepticism to sorrow and from horror to hope. Brady’s narrative is vividly propelled by an original score created by Academy Award winning composer Vangelis.


Polyester is when true visual expression meets the artistry of surfing. The film features the surfing life of California’s Al Knost.Polyester is independent filmmaker Jack Coleman’s first feature length surf film, running time is 35 minutes. The film is a completely independent production, with no branding. Shot, edited, and produced entirely by Jack Coleman. A surf film captured all ‘in camera’ with no digital imagery or after effects. Polyester took one-year to complete. Featured locations in project were Mainland Mexico, Central Baja, and a lot of the famous Southern California surf spots that Alex frequently visits.  

February 7, 2013

TONIGHT: Ocean Night! Birth of an Ocean, Surfing for Life

TONIGHTOcean ConservancyHumboldt Surfrider and Humboldt Baykeeper present “Birth of an Ocean” and “Surfing for Life” as part of our ongoing Ocean Night series at the Arcata Theatre Lounge.

Birth of an Ocean 
More than four billion years ago, the most important event in Earth’s history took place – the ocean was born. It completely transformed the planet, creating a watery oasis that gave rise to the air we breathe, our climate, and a stunning array of life, including the critical species that first crawled out of the sea to inhabit land. The ocean is what transformed Earth into the livable, blue planet it is today. Learn how we are just beginning to understand the complexity of the ocean and the immense influence it has on the planet and our own survival.

Surfing for Life
A vibrant and award-winning one-hour documentary about inspiring well-spent lives, offers a totally fresh look at successful aging. Narrated by Beau Bridges, it profiles ten legendary surfers who model healthy aging by staying active and engaged into their 7th, 8th and 9th decades. Through interviews, contemporary day-in-the-life footage, and a wealth of rare archival material, the film provides an eloquent and powerful antidote to the negative images of aging presented in America’s youth-obsessed culture.

Doors: 6:30 p.m.
Films: 7 p.m.
Raffle to follow
$3 donation

Hope to see you there!

October 30, 2012 | 2 Comments

Ocean Night: Michael Kew, surf flicks, silent auction, raffle, fundraising for shark bite victim

In addition to our usual Ocean Night goodness and more, we’re raising funds for today’s shark bite victim. As of posting this, the T-S is reporting he’s in “fair condition.” Story here.

So we’ll have a raffle that includes a brand new 4/3 wetsuit, and local artwork and two locally shaped boards will be auctioned off during the event. Want to donate, but can’t make it? Email humboldt@surfrider.org.

Here’s the rest of the scoop:

Ocean Conservancy, Humboldt Surfrider and Humboldt Baykeeper present Ocean Night at Arcata Theatre Lounge, Thursday, Nov. 1 featuring Humboldt State University alumni Michael Kew. Kew brings two films – Triptych and Guacamole – plus shares excerpts from his new book, Crossings. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and movies start at 7 p.m. Ocean Night is all ages. A $3 donation is requested at the door.

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