Here we are!

Post by Adrien Pritchard, Humboldt Surfrider Clean-up Captain and General Hero:

International Surfing Day in Humboldt County woke to find some decent logging surf, beautiful weather, and a number of volunteers on hand to clean up Moonstone Beach. The beach looked clean at first, but our volunteers scoured the beaches, bushes, and rocks to find the trash which had grown wings and flown into secret hiding spots. Although there is a county maintained garbage can in the parking lot, it was overflowing, so we cleaned up that area and left room for trash to be added once we were gone.

Keeping it clean...

I’d say we cleaned up about 3 bags of trash from the beach and another two from the garbage can overflow.

Highlights of the cleanup would have to be the colorful picker upper that Jonny and his daughter found, as well as Adrien’s father coming up from Venice beach to help out.

Vice Chair Jonny Redboard and his excellent helper

Lowlight would once again have to be the number of pallet nails taken out of the few fire pits.

Thanks again to all our dedicated volunteers for coming out and keeping our beaches some of the most beautiful in the state.