Join us for this month’s Ocean Night on January 11! We will be screening Oil on Ice, a film about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and it’s long, controversial battle with resource extraction. Plus Campaign 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Taylor Steele’s best-selling surf flick.

$3 suggested donation for films (free to Northcoast Environmental Center and Surfrider members). As always, there will be an awesome raffle!

“Oil on Ice is a vivid, compelling and comprehensive documentary connecting the fate of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to energy policy, transportation choices, and other seemingly unrelated matters. Caught in the balance are the culture and livelihood of the Gwich’in people and the migratory wildlife in this fragile ecosystem.” – Oil on Ice website

“Campaign 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the best selling movie Campaign showcases Andy and Bruce Irons tearing apart a new right in Bali, Shane Dorian exploring Morocco, Dane Reynolds going off in the Mentawis, Taj boosting in Mexico, and Kelly Slater’s “best day of surfing ever” deep in Caribbean pits. C2 was filmed in the USA, Australia, Indonesia, France, Africa, and the Caribbean.”
– iTunes