Missed the May meeting? Quite likely. Read Bean’s report…

Chair: Jennifer Savage
Vice-Chair: Jon Anderson
Secretary: Colleen (”Bean”) Clifford
Treasurer: Bill Hoopes
Volunteer Coordinator: Kalei Colridge


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Reasons to attend your chapter’s monthly meeting:

  • Raffle for a Surfrider Humboldt Chapter T-Shirt each meeting! ($1 raffle entry.)
  • Free beer! (First-come, first-serve – we buy the first couple pitchers, donations accepted.)

Volunteer schedules and calendars available!

Special Task Forces

  • Moonstone Shower Project: research, build, design
  • Beach Clean-Ups: leader to run 4-5 through summer, anticipate 15-20 volunteers
  • Summer 2009 Outreach Tabling for volunteer leaders
  • Oyster Festival: run booth, make food, practice recipes

Our current balance is $3298.89, with no outstanding bills! Reports are in, Bill is awaiting direction from them if forms were filled correctly. We received a $2,000 donation for a specific project, probably toward Water Quality or Moonstone Shower Project. Donor remaining anonymous.

Current Project Updates

Dock Blocks, Jen
There has been removal of some blocks by Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District, seven from the peninsula. Removal from sensitive areas may prove more difficult. Kalei has copies of GPS coordinates and pictures: 6 blocks, saw more, missed 3. One on Murray Road is opening up, hollow and keeps moving around river mouth.

To our members: take pictures, note date/location, send info to us. Can GPS with iPhone. We will write and present a letter of appreciation at next HBHRCD.

Jetty Shower, Jen
Too much permitting (and time) is required for doing a solar hot water system, so we will progress and hopefully get it replaced by July 1st. We will put up a sign explaining the history of the shower in regards to the pulp mill lawsuit. We will research different types of showers (ie, spigot for feet, faucet for containers, shower, etc). We will collaborate with others.

Patrick’s Point Surf Check, Jen
No updates, trying to connect with Parks’ Superintendent.
Northern County parks permit = $47 (Humboldt, Del Norte, Mendo) through KINS radio – call during their shopping show on Sat. 9am-noon
pick up at Fort Humboldt
Somehow make deal with parks? Seasonal pass for winter swells?

Moonstone/Camel, Kalei/Jon
Great progress!
Trinidad Land Trust meeting Thursday, May 7 to discuss our proposals.
Kalei met with other beach-using groups and Sam Merryman to determine relationships/responsibilities. Surfrider will put up a sign expressing Merryman’s status and beach rules (wording TBA, right to access is a priority.) Surfrider will then get to put up an etiquette sign, Dogi-pot(s), shower with coin-operation (to pay for electrical pumping and keep out riff-raff). Merryman owns up to mean high tide mark (where big rocks are), including parking lot. He pays for upkeep of lot, pays $800/mo. for electricity to shower pump, he is liable for dog bites, etc. We will have a September fundraiser party at Merryman’s facility, raising money for the Friends of Moonstone Beach (Humboldt Area Foundation fund) which will go toward gravel, electricity costs for shower, etc.)

Upcoming Events

  • Next meeting: Tuesday, June 2, 7pm
  • Barn Dance: Sat., May 16, 7:30pm (Arcata Vets Hall, 14th and J St)
    Volunteers are needed to serve beer and table
  • Beach Clean-up Graduation: Sun, May 17 (Mad River Beach)
    Volunteers are needed to run this event and pick up litter
  • Beach Clean-up Memorial Day: Mon, May 25 (Moonstone Beach)
    Volunteers are needed to run this event and pick up litter
  • Kinetic Fair tabling: Sat, May 23 (Manila Community Center)
    Volunteers are needed to table
  • PG&E Wave Energy Workshop: Tues, May 19 (Wharfinger Building)
    Volunteers needed to attend, take notes, and report back to board.

International Surfing Day: Sat, June 20

  • Oyster Fest booth 10am-6pm
  • Volunteers are needed to run the booth, make recipes, cook mushrooms, have fun!
  • Moonstone Beach Party 10am-afternoon
  • Volunteers are needed organize, table and help out, mostly party!
  • Absynth Quintet fundraiser for Water Quality, Arcata Theatre Lounge, 9pm
  • Volunteers are needed to organize and run event, and party!

New Projects

Rise Above Plastics campaign: kickoff with JUNKRide
Mission: To reduce the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics: plastic bag ban, beach clean-ups, education outreach, plastic bottle ban.

Public Comments
~Surfer Magazine has article on Great Pacific Garbage Patch issue
~Wave Energy forum: still to be posted on website…Streamguys have offered server space and will put up
~Mushroom Mike – mushrooms need 6 weeks~ start ASAP! 200 people, 5 oz serving, we’ll pay him if there are extra – Jon offered free board repair 🙂

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