(Thanks, Bean!)

Minutes for Surfrider Meeting, February 2, 2009
Total members in attendance: 25
Presiding Chairperson: Jen Savage
Minutes recorded by: Colleen Clifford

Introduction – Jen
~resignation of Stacey Campell as Chair, replaced with Jen Savage, introduction of Jon Anderson as Vice Chair
~website: Darren Breen of Accelerant Design
~Blog: Google Reader helps keep you updated
~MySpace: be our friend

Treasury, Bill

~current balance = $2122.87, no outstanding bills
~submitted our quarterly report for 2008 4th quarter
~haven’t received National’s 20% kickback for new local memberships

Volunteer, Kalei
~The January NPK benefit at Humbrews resulted in $600 for our chapter! Thanks to NPK for volunteering their time and rockin’ tunes Thank You to volunteers Scott, Ree, Brian and Jesse for tabling at the event.
~Opportunities to volunteer: Arts!Arcata, Arts!Mckinleyville, Wave Energy Forum (see below)

Current Project Updates
Dock Blocks, Jen
~Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation Conservation District (HBHRCD) paid for excavation of 4 dock blocks near Jetty and Harbor entrance
~actions have stalled
~4 blocks in Manila/Samoa area
~Coast Guard has done a fly-by to inventory
~no action by us for now, but possible Action Alert and letter to district
~contact your reps! (this info was requested)

Find your district here.

HBHRCD Commissioners:
Div. 1 – Ronnie Pelligrini
Div. 2 – Roy Curless
Div. 3 – Mike Wilson
Div. 4 – Dennis Hunter
Div. 5 – Pat Higgins

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors:
District 1 – Jimmy Smith
District 2 – Clif Clendenen
District 3 – Mark Lovelace
District 4 – Bonnie Neely
District 5 – Jill Duffy
DogiPots/Trash Can for Camel, Jon/Kalei
~get on Trinidad Land Trust agenda, give presentation about DogiPots for Camel, Surf Etiqutte Displays at Moonstone and Camel, and Moonstone shower
~several options for Dogipots, will include small trash receptacle
~work with County: they empty and replace bags

Surf Etiquette Displays at Moonstone and Camel, Kalei/Jon
~also TLT
~County is okay with giving space for displays, prefer TLT space
~keep it simple: redwood slabs, basic info, blend into environment
~Scott: received schematics for displays by original artist, Nat Young
will make postcards for distribution at beaches, put at Greenhouse

Jetty Shower, Jen
~money for shower is available
~current shower is broken, parts are outdated and unavailable
~probable entire replacement: Steve Bohner of Alchemy Construction
~hoping for summer, hoping for solar hot water!
~put up a sign with history of shower (the mill and settlement)

Road Clean-Up/Adopt-A-Highway, Kalei
~all state clean-ups have been on hold due to revamping of gear and safety protocol
~Feb 12: meeting, gear swap, retraining, visit site
Matt Malkus and Sky (HSU Surf Club Pres) will attend, also Kalei
~clean-ups possibly beginning early March

Water Quality, Kalei
~County does a lot from Mad River up to Trinidad, North Coast labs is expensive
~currently no baseline for Peninsula
~Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force: purchase equipment, follow procedures to develop our own lab and interpret results ~$6000 then annual costs of a few hundred
~we have support of Baykeeper, they offered free space for a lab
~Rose and Jamie, free hydrologists to help and train volunteers (and Kalei too!)
~we’d need fundraising and grant opportunities
~could provide testing for others for a fee

Moonstone Shower, Kalei
~already in place but no water (owner of meter paid costs)
~work with Trinidad Land Trust and Westhaven Water Board: possible separate meter
~memorial for Glenn Stockwell
~complete with platform, board racks, family/community friendly

Upcoming Events, Jen
Next meeting: Monday, April 6, Plaza Grill View Room at 6:30pm
meetings are always the first Monday of even months (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)

Wave Energy Forum – Saturday, Feb. 21, Humboldt Area Foundation 5:30-7:30pm
Surfrider Humboldt is hosting an educational and informational about Wave Energy and the potential process and timeline of implementation here on the North Coast.
Presentations by:
Jim Hastereiter, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Committee)
Pete Stauffer, Oregon Policy Organizer, Surfrider’s Coastal Ocean Ecosystem Project Manager
Peter Nelson, H.T. Harvey, ecological consultant
Ian Caliendo, PGE
….followed by a Question/Answer panel
Refreshments will be served!
We need volunteers to help with set-up/break-down and keep the day organized.

Arts! Arcata – Fri, Feb 13th, Greenhouse Boardshop
Art by Shawn Griggs
Volunteers are needed to serve wine and collect donations.

Arts! McKinleyville opportunity – Fri, Feb. 20th, location TBA
Volunteers are needed to serve wine and collect donations.

International Surfing Day, Saturday, June 20th
Surfrider Chapters all over the globe will be taking part in this celebration, started by SURFING magazine. We have no plans in stone yet, but plenty of ideas. It’s sure to be a great Solstice!

New Projects
Patrick’s Point Surf Check, Jen

As of Feb. 1 the park is no longer allowing free surf checks. Surfers were previously allowed to pay the $6 parking/day fee, but get reimbursed if they left within half hour because the waves weren’t cooperating. We know the parks are hurting in this strained economy, but we’re looking into it to see if we can come up with a compromise. For now, there are a few options – purchase a Golden Poppy Pass at $90/year which gives access to 97 State Parks, including all of Humboldt and Del Norte; or purchase a pass through Fort Humboldt which is $45 and gives access to Patrick’s Point and a couple other parks

Scrapbook, Bean
We want to put together a Surfrider Humboldt Chapter scrapbook that includes how we came about and some of our historic challanges (and successes!) on the North Coast. If anyone has access to newspaper or magazine articles, or pictures of events that took place up here, we would love to make copies and share them with folks at our events.

Public Comments
~everyone loves us
~Jon: how far back do our “kickback” memberships go? A: October’s Shindig
Humboldt is now on the membership drop down menu on Surfrider’s website
~Alex: keep momentum going, meet once a month? A: volunteer opportunities will arise more frequently soon we hope
~Jeremiah: Surfboard Swap, Greenhouse/Rita’s, 1x or 2x a year A: include with International Surfing Day possibly, at beach
~HSU Surf Club rep: is there a hand out available of our events for the HSU Surf Club? A: email Kalei, we have a brochure with volunteer opportunities, at Greenhouse and upcoming events
~Jason: interested in Water Quality, has expertise, works (worked?) at Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District A: hell yeahGreat ideas abound the Surfers of Humboldt County. How ’bout a Surfboard/gear Swap? More frequent meetings? Surfer Etiquette hand-outs? Let us know what you’re thinking!