Thanks for your patience.

So, the first thing to know is that due to inactivity, we lost our official connection to Surfrider Foundation a while back. Not anyone’s fault in particular, more a side effect of not having a specific campaign to work on or programs in place. The good news is, everyone wants to fix this problem, including the good folks at the national level.

Thanks to especially Stacey, who has us ready for the next phase of restructuring, primarily:

The Organizing Committee needs to submit a six-to-12 month proposed operating plan: i.e., What activities will the chapter focus on over the next year? These should include internal as well as external objectives.

The Organizing Committee will need to submit an budget for the year.

We need to recruit a new chapter chair prior to applying for a new charter.

(Thanks very much to Eric, too, who set up a new Surfrider Humboldt Chapter home page before leaving on his UC Berkeley journey. He even took the time to come over and show me how to do some simple tasks with it.)

So, we are about to have a committee meeting, to be followed by a public meeting to introduce the new version of what was formerly known as Humboldt Surfriders (a name that we cannot revert to, as it’s outside chapter guidelines; “Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter” is our new title) and talk over plans, issues, etc.

Attending the California Chapter Conference greatly helped sort things out. Wes from the West Los Angeles/Malibu Chapter gave me some insight on web design. Dave from Mendo shares a lot of similar political concerns as we do here, especially with regard to the Marine Life Protection Act. Everyone offered inspiration, information (…whiskey, pool playing, an open air ride over the Golden Gate… those SF chapter members sure can throw a party… but, I digress). Nancy, the SoCal regional field worker shared a lot of useful tips on effective campaigning, Sarah from Central California did the same wrt recruitment.

So, yeah, I’m brimming with ideas and ready to help run An Effective Chapter.

While we’re rebuilding the framework (which should happen quickly), I’d love to compile questions and concerns from past, present and future members. Ideally, you’ll post in the comment section, but you can also email me via

From my own notes on Surfrider Humboldt:

1. Immediate goals (not campaigns or programs; see below):

Elect Executive Committee (chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, volunteer co-ordinator, maybe a tech person and a student liason, too).

Schedule meetings.

Establish website and further web presence.

Utilize area media to get the word out.

Recruit members.

2. Additional short-term goals:

Establish middle and high school clubs.

Create a strong HSU contingent for campus events.

3. Campaigns:

Join the National “Rise Above Plastics” campaign.

Become educated about wave energy (and related potential offshore oil) issues to affect the North Coast and campaign accordingly.

Promote eco-based management of Humboldt Bay, as the health of the bay is key to the health of our waves.

4. Programs

Find volunteers to run ocean awareness programs in area schools.

Partner with Humboldt Baykeeper and other related enviro groups for water testing, etc.

5. Raise money and socialize through regular and fun events, yeah!:

Monthly surf movie nights at Humboldt Brews? Beach bonfire parties? Music benefits at the Jambalaya? Surf night at Lost Coast (all sales of Great White go to the chapter!)? (Please note, these are only ideas. I have not approached anyone!)

And a multitude of ways to do all this is outlined in my trusty binder, shaped by both suggestions at the conference and my own familiarity with Humboldt. Looking so forward to making it all happen!

~Jennifer Savage