The “30-year-old” surfer rescued from Camel Rock yesterday is actually 34-year-old Andy O’Brien, member of Likwefi, proprietor of Botaniwipe, brother of Surfrider Humboldt logo designer Matt O’Brien, family man and general all around great guy.

Matt says Andy’s laid up and on crutches for at least a few weeks – hopefully he’ll still be able to make the Likwefi gig on Friday, April 24 at the Arcata Theatre Lounge (part of Greenhouse‘s Surf Movie Night there). In any case, we wish him a speedy recovery.

What exactly happened? Besides Andy’s habit of giving it his all and then some? Matt said Andy’s back foot slid out on a cutback, resulting in his hip being completely pulled out of its socket. The story in the line up went something like¬† “Andy boosted a major floater on the inside and took a gnarly wipeout.”

Bill Lydgate noted Andy managed to get to the shore despite the strong offshore current, where he was assisted by several friends, according to Surfrider Humboldt Volunteer Coordinator Kalei Colrideg (Conditions were rough with wind gusts to 28 knots at the airport and a 10-12 foot short interval swell.)

Careful out there, folks! We’ve had enough Camel-related drama for a while…¬† Send get well wishes to Andy at