That doesn't belong there!


Jonathan Speaker emails Surfrider and Trinidad City Councilmember Julie Fulkerson to say, “There is a dump, off SeaWood Drive exit, half way down – on the north side of the road – a couch, I tried to get it out with my truck but – need a winch – I failed. There were also items that looked like a chem dump – see left of tree the plastic container, saw a butane one as well further down the side running towards the creek… Anyways – don’t know what to do – hoping either of you might know who to send this to as its going right into the watershed.”

Jennifer Savage (Surfrider) sought the help of other Surfrider and media folks.

Julie Fulkerson forwarded the email to County officials.


Current Fifth District Supervisor Jill Duffy responded: “Public Works staff visited the site Weds. morning and found the couch, a coffee table, and a few empty plastic water containers at the very bottom of the drainage ravine. They removed the plastic containers. Because the County has a 100-foot Right of Way there; they will arrange to get a cable/backhoe to remove it sometime next week.  They did not observe any dumped chemicals or chemical containers. Dumping has been problematic for numerous years at this site … and we try to monitor this site for clean up actions.  We installed several boulders which has curtailed some of the egregious dumping activities, but we rely on people letting us know the current status.”

So, thank you to Jonathan for being sharp-eyed and caring, to Julie for her quick directing of the concern, and to Jill for making sure the problem was quickly taken care of and that what couldn’t be immediately fixed will be soon.

Everyone can make a difference!