February 2010 Agenda

Website: www.surfrider.org/humboldt

Myspace: www.myspace.com/humboldtsurfrider

Facebook: search for “surfrider humboldt”

Co-op Register Donation Program: #87382


  1. Treasury, Bill
  2. PG&E Wave Connect, Scott or Bill (a PG&E meeting is happening simultaneously, so this may not happen)
  3. Trinidad Land Trust, Matt Malkus
  4. Jetty Shower, Jen

Project Updates

  1. Moonstone Project, Kalei
  2. Highway Clean-up, Adrien

Upcoming Events/Volunteer Opportunities

  1. next Surfrider Meeting: Tues, March 2, 6pm Plaza Grill Viewroom
  2. Bassnectar Tabling: Wed, Feb. 3, Arcata Theatre Lounge, 9-1am?
  3. Ocean Night: 6:30pm, Arcata Theatre Lounge
  4. Thurs, Feb. 4, “The Drifter” with Rob Machado
  5. Thurs, March 4 TBD
  6. Ocean Night will continue on the first Thurs. of every month at ATL
  7. Arts! Arcata tabling: Fri Feb. 12, 6-9pm (We’ll be switching off Member Appreciation Day at Arcata Co-op and Arts!Arcata every month)
  8. Beach and/or Highway Clean-ups